From her first service on October 2, 1971, as a mission with 38 souls, led by Pastor Oliver Mullen, to being organized as a church in 1972 with just over 105 charter members, New Testament Baptist Church (NTBC) has stood as a lighthouse to our community for over 40 years.  In that time, she has witnessed over 1,000 baptisms as a result of a caring, door-knocking congregation.

New Testament has always had a special place in her ministry for children that continues to this day under the present leadership of her ministries.  It was not uncommon at all to see the front of the old church property covered with well over 100 children hurrying to and from those old school bus visits at the "Back to School Bash" and see another 100+ children playing at the back of her newer facility.

In NTBC's collection of pictures over the years, you will find several occasions where they all met down by the Meramec River for an old fashioned baptism.  Though some things from the past are still valued, and incorporated, in her ministries, she has also been conscious to keep up with the newer tools to enhance her ministries.  It is not uncommon at all to enjoy the southern gospel songs of the past as they are blended in our Sunday worship services with the newer praise music of the day.

In addition to New Testament Baptist Church's internal ministries, she has also had an active outreach around the world.  Along with hundreds of foreign and interstate missionaries she has supported over the years, she has also been instrumental in sending at least a dozen of her own to several foreign countries.  She has added to that a generous heart in giving as she has invested over $6,000,0000.00 in those ministries.  That figure doesn't include any other giving her membership did outside their regular and faithful gifts.

New Testament has always been blessed and careful, careful to remember where all those blessings came from, and careful to be faithful to share them as generously as she received them.

We are eager to see what God has planned for us next...