Youth Ministry


Leader:  Kyle & Kelcey Roehrs

Age:  Grades 6 - 12

Time:  6:00 p.m.

The challenges facing our youth grow in number and complexity every day.  Our goal is to equip students with the “rock solid” Biblical principles and concepts that will prepare them for anything life can throw their way.  Our ministry is centered on Jesus Christ and revolves around seven (7) essential principles that every teenager needs to know:

  1. Authentic Faith:  Putting your trust in God.
  2. Spiritual Disciplines:  Seeing with God’s eyes.
  3. Moral Boundaries:  Paving the way for intimacy.
  4. Healthy Friendships:  Choosing friends for life.
  5. Wise Choices:  Walking wisely in a fool’s world.
  6. Ultimate Authority:  Finding freedom under God’s leadership.
  7. Selflessness:  Putting others first.

In addition to our Bible studies, there are opportunities throughout the year for fellowship and discipling.