Our Mission and Vision

Our MISSION for our church family is to, above all things, see God glorified in our daily lives, in our homes, and at every occasion when we meet together to worship.  Following so very closely behind that is our concern and hope to effectively reach out to all those friends and family who have yet to meet Jesus as their personal Savior.

As for our VISION...the biblical narrative is all about God and the surrendered hearts of those of days gone by:

...hearts like unto that of Abraham, who may have been thought to have a hard and distant heart, but instead shared one clothed in warm and human tones for a people he tenderly and protectively loved.

...hearts like that of Moses, when he offered his life as a sacrifice in place of a careless people, in hopes of reattaching them to their God and the good things He would do.

...hearts like that of David, fallen and crippled, and yet forgiven, and so grateful for that divine forgiveness and restoration, that he wanted the whole world to know that they could have it too.

...hearts like that of Stephen, whose love was so great for God, and whose value was so deep for His Word, that he did not run from a painful death in hopes of reaching the very people who took his life.

They all had the kind of heart that is our Vision to cultivate and one day see in every member of our congregation here at New Testament.

Our Vision is to see in all of us that SERVANT'S HEART.